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Enjoy writing about MicroStrategy or BI? The MicroStrategy community is filled with talented individuals who come up with all sorts of MicroStrategy how-to, hacks and tips that can help fellow MicroStrategy users. MicroStrategy101 was created as a place to publish these resources for MicroStrategy users!

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What kind of author(s) are you looking for?

MicroStrategy101 is a blog focusing on the popular BI software MicroStrategy. We are looking for individuals who enjoy writing about any of the following subjects:

  • MicroStrategy how-to
  • MicroStrategy Tips
  • MicroStrategy News Reviews (there are tons of sites for “News”)
  • MicroStrategy Product Reviews
  • BI in general
  • Data Warehouse (in general and implementation tips & tricks)

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  • Promoting individual products / services / companies
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22 thoughts on “Blog here

  1. I want to be a part of this forum, our company is a certified partner with Microstrategy,some good news to all the BI Lovers – Microstrategy is conducting roadshows on how MicroStrategy 9 can help you make critical business decisions from 14th July-31st July 2009 in various cities across India, events are held in the evening.

    During this live event, you’ll learn about exciting new technology and capabilities designed to:

    Graphically display the key information about your business
    Provide interactive analysis to better understand your business challenges and opportunities
    Dramatically increase the speed and simplicity of deploying new BI capabilities
    Empower business users with extensive self-service capabilities
    Extend the scale, performance, and efficiency of your BI solutions

    Limited seats are available. Please confirm participation at your earliest convenience.

    1. Abhishek, I’d like to touch base with you about a BI search I’m working on. Would you have some time to chat over the next few days?

      Megan Heseman

    2. Looking for a full-time BI Architect (specifically focused on back end data warehouse and MicroStrategy).

      Let me know if interested!

      Megan Heseman

  2. I’m from the HR team of Target Corporation (2nd larget retail store in US). I have requirement for Project Leader role with MSTR experience. Please let me know if you would be interested.
    – Tino Thomas

  3. hi

    could anyone suggest me a solution for the below problem

    I have a custom group with 3 values. and a metric in the report. The report looks like this

    Custom group  Metric value
    a                        100
    b                         200
    c                         300  

    Now i need a subtotal function which gives me the value of a+b-c =100+200-300=0
    Is this posssible in Microstrategy. Please reply as this is very much useful to me.


  4. how to delete Fact from mstr desktop for project which is not in use. i have identified the public object seq of deletion. need to delete fact , tables and attribute. i see fact has dependent  table  and the same table has the  same dependet fact.

  5. Hi All,
    I have a doubt regarding Event driven Scheduling.
    Can anyone help me out.
    The thing is that i need to trigger the event once the db load gets completed.
    ie) if 10 companies are there and if their load is running means,
    ABC company group of users -> Subscribing the report to ABC Event
    XYZ company group of users -> Subscribing the report to XYZ Event
    … etc
    So i need to trigger the event on the completion of ABC Load, for the ABC Group Users and like that to all other users group pertaining to the required company after each company db load.
    Is it possible tie the event or that schedule to the Group of USers??(If so can you please provide me the steps to follow)

    I’ve done using windows script, which looks for the message in a txt file after db load for a company – > So on checking the Message and text file arrival after db load for a company i’ll trigger the event using command manager scripts.
    So if i’m able to tie the event to the Users group, then i will be able to trigger that particular companies event and so that those users alone can get their reports.
    Please help me out a solution to do this

    Rajavel S(

  6. HI,
    Can anyone please let me know the maximum logical table size of any table in typical realtime project.

  7. hi,
    can any one provide me solution for the problem . i have around 13 columns of data type date . i need to get the maximum value of all the date columns for each row. what function has to be used .

    please provide me the solution

  8. Newbie to Microstrategy but seasoned veteran of the SCM world.

    Why is versioning objects in MicroStrategy not an desirable practice? Versioning is the heart of solid Configuration Management practices and managing objects without visibility into their effectivity makes no sense. Managing versions in this fashion makes as much sense as just copying the development environment to the test environment.

    If I’m just not seeing where Microstrategy does this please open my eyes!

  9. Hi, I would like to be a part of this group and post my content related to MicroStrategy and Business Intelligence. Kindly let me know the process.

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