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We have created this section to showcase the MicroStrategy specific tools created by us to be used freely by MicroStrategy community. Except Startup Kit, all applications have been run on a production installation of MicroStrategy Intelligent Server by respective author. So rest assured that these application won’t mess up with your metadata.

  1. MSTR Tracking tool – A version control tool by Senthil Raj
  2. Search by ID – Search objects by object GUID by Sorin Suciu
  3. Metadata Browser – Take a dig at metadata by Sorin Suciu
  4. SDK Startup Kit (SDK Tutorial) – Getting started  with SDK by Sorin Suciu
  5. Object Exchanger – Fast and Mass Search and Replace of Object by Slavik Taubkin
  6. SDK Startup Kit – part 2 (SDK Tutorial) – Getting started  with SDK by Sorin Suciu
  7. SDK Startup Kit – part 3 (SDK Tutorial) – Intermediate lesson on SDK by Sorin Suciu

If you are a MicroStrategy SDK developer and wish to get your application/tool hosted here, we have all ear. Drop a comment. :-) with email address and we’ll contact you.

Application(s) is provided “as is” and MicroStrategy101 and individual application author(s) disclaim all warranties, whether express or implied, with respect to all provided items, including all warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, systems integration, title, satisfactory quality and non-infringement. MicroStrategy101 and individual application author(s) do not warrant that use of the provided items or any portion thereof will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the provided items or any portion thereof will meet any need or requirement of licensee.

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