Object Prompt in RS Document

Have you ever checked placing a report with object prompt in report service document? if so, then the object prompt won’t appear in document.


  1. Place all the attributes (which present in object prompt) in to the report
  2. Add as a data set into report service document.
  3. Drag and drop the report(grid) into the document.
  4. Save and close the document.
  5. Open the report, remove all the attributes and place the object prompt into the same place (column or row) where attributes are placed.
  6. Save and close the report.
  7. Now, execute the document.

No wonder, it will ask you to select the attributes from the list.

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3 thoughts on “Object Prompt in RS Document

  1. Posts: 2 Hi,

    I have a document using 4 grid reports that include 5 prompts.
    How can I add these prompts in my document so I can then call the prompt values in the document by using {&Prompt4&} ??


  2. Have you had any success in passing values (programmatically using the SDK) to reports  with prompts? We are using microstrategy 8 on solaris.
    – Are there a Schema (.XSD) document published of microstrategy prompt XML?
    – Are there any tutorial that explain how to programmatically pass prompt to Microstrategy?

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