MicroStrategy Interview questions 101 – II

77. Can you update a table in Warehouse using MicroStrategy?

78. attribute role, Security role, security filter and access control ?

79. How will you resolve an issue when (by chance) a aggregate table at higher level has a higher LTS than an aggregate table at lower level? What happens if LTS is high for a higher level table?

80. What are the criteria used by the MicroStrategy SQL Engine to build the join tree of a report’s SQL?

81. When a WH Primary key doesn’t appear as keys in MicroStrategy table editor OR Can MicroStrategy logical primary keys and the true (warehouse) primary keys differ?

82. Oracle has a pseudo column named ROWID which is not “directly” exposed to frone-end?Can this table be used in MicroStrategy? Why one would do that?

83. Can you enable/disable the thresholds based on some condition/prompt answers?

84. In a Document, there are 5 reports and 3 out of them need to have a prompt so that 20 user can select first day of the week for which user want to execute the report. How many prompts would be required to be made?

85. Can you make a floating window in MicroStrategy Web?

86. What’s XML Cache?

87. Can you apply themes to MicroStrategy Web? How to create a one?

88. Can MicroStrategy be installed on Solaris or UNIX w/o Root access? Can such a server be (re)started?

89. If you have a Quad core CPU and MSTR license to use CPUs, can you set to use two particular cores dedicately for I-Server (As other core may have been programed for some other dedicated work)

90. What’s a System call error? Have you seen Object variable error?

91. Drawbacks on 4GT switch?

92. Can you create Schema objects in 2 tier connection? IS it recommended?

93. What’s a Bulk export report?

94. After a bulk export report is run, NCS puts it on an ftp location? Can this location be directly made available in MSTR web?

95. Can you cap the number of reports run at a time by users? What happens when this limit is breached?

96. What’s the use of Monitor? What kind of error are captured in it?

97. Have you ever manually edited the metadata? why?

98. Can you have a prompt in free form sql report?

99. What will happen when the network connection between the webserver and one of the clustered I-server is lost? Will report run smoothly?

100. Can you prioritize report execution?

101. You have Clustered I-Servers? Can you some how disable Web users to use only one

More to come, but not before a 6 months gap.

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  1. 85. Answer is Yes as well as No. Not provided OOB by MicroStrategy, but yes can be done in Java/ASP .net.

    89. No. MSTR doesn’t provided that kind of support “yet”

  2. HI Gurus,

    Can somebody provide answers please? atleast the source where/how we can find the answers, as I’m in the process of attending interviews.

    Thanks a lot! :)

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