MicroStrategy 9.0 Hotfix 1 goes GA

MicroStrategy 9.0 Hotfix 1 is now generally available (GA) on the MicroStrategy Download Site.

Defects and Enhancements addressed in MicroStrategy 9.0 Product Suite can be found in the ReadMe.


I’m wondering: Why this HotFix was released too close from the 9.0 launch?


A HotFix is a FIX! Therefore the 9.0 version was released with a number of bugs that had required this fast paced HotFix.


May I stay with my 8.x version or upgrade to 9.0?

Look close to MSTR 9.0 improvements and ask yourself if you need this upgrade. If no, then stay calm and wait for a second hotfix.


3 thoughts on “MicroStrategy 9.0 Hotfix 1 goes GA

  1. Hi Genicio and welcome to this blog!
    Defects are quite normal when dealing with new features. I can’t think of a product, be it operating system, application or game, that had it right the first time. If anything, it’s good that the hotfix was released fast, rather than a year or so later :)
    MSTR 9.0 has lots of good new features, like Architect, Journal, Notes, Search by ID, and Object Manager packages, to name just a few.
    Judging by the small number of defects that this hotfix deals with, I suspect there won’t be a second hotfix, but time can prove me wrong…

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