Installation problem in servers

In few version like Windows 2003, Vista; installation may stuck due to firewall issue or security issues.

How to resolve this? This issue may appear because of the 3rd party utilities.


1)       Install manually all the 3rd party installation under MSTR setup package

2)      Remove the 3rd party installation setups from the MSTR package (from 3rd party folder)

3)      Now install MSTR setup

4)      MSTR setup will skip the 3rd party utilities since it’s not present in the 3rd party folder.

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4 thoughts on “Installation problem in servers

  1. Hi Senthil,

    Thanks for the information you provided for the installation of Vista.

    But i have a clarification here.

    Please do let me know what all 3rd party installation tools to be removed from the MSTR Package (from 3rd party folder).

    i have version 8 of MSTR here which tool i have remove.

    Please give me the suggestions…….


  2. Hi, Kashyap,
    first try to install the MSTR, if gets stuck at any point…you find which S/W getting stuck while installation. so first install those 3rd party setups and remove the same from MSTR installation folder, then install MSTR setup.

    Hope i provided sufficient information!!

    Senthil Raj.

  3. Senthil, you saved the day. I tried installing MSTR 9 on VMWare image of Windows 7 but failed to do as one 3rd party tool repeatedly failed to installed. Then I found that MSTR 9 is not supported on Win7. (BTW MSTR installation identifies Win7 as Vista.) Then I tried installing on WinXpx64, but again same issue. I approved the comments yesterday and realized that you had already given the solution for the problem. Thanks a ton.

  4. I installed MSTR 9 in XP, VISTA, WIN-7…..all the installation went smooth (i guess it depends on settings, etc….many of them said not able to install in VISTA/7. what ever, if it is related to 3rd party installation issues..jsut follow then silent method or above steps.

    Senthil Raj.

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