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MicroStrategy India is so lame

I know that MicroStrategy, Inc is very much pissed off by me not handing over the .IN and .CO.IN domains, but they have been very nice confirming the registration for events held. I really liked it. But looks like recent bash of speaker of event held on did not go too well with them. I had applied for MicroStrategy event on Mobile BI (to be held on 11th Nov on) and Enterprise BI (to be held on 9th Dec) on 14th Oct. While event to be held on Mobile BI was postponed and eventually cancelled, I was expecting that I would get confirmed invite for Mobile BI event in Nov. Events get cancelled due to not getting good industry speakers or good number of presence by decision maker (who decides on BI purchases). I was shocked when I received a application denial for Mobile BI. Receiving a reminder about denial was even bigger shock. Well, I though MicroStrategy must have been able to merge the vents and find good number of guys, so application rejection was some what acceptable. But, I felt something was a miss when even this event was postponed by a week. Did they fail to get speaker for such an event even after 3 months. Highly unlikely! but event seat not filled, possible. Still I was denied entry for this event.

But I was hoping that I would get the invite for Enterprise BI event for sure. After all I had applied almost 2 months in advance. But my joy was short lived when I received another email on 24th Nov itself regarding event being oversubscrbed and not able to accommodate me.I just checked with my friends with ex-employer regarding going for this events. They were simply unaware about this event. I didn’t inform my friends regarding them about so called over subscription. To my biggest surprise, they got (total 5 person) got confirmed invites for Enterprise BI event, even after having applied after me getting an over subscription notice. I some how doubt that this event was really postponed. Their (friend working in ex-employer) only fault was that they knew me.

I really don’t know why are they acting like a puss. Not to forget they just revoked access to MicroStrategy download site for my official id and blog id on the pretext of “not having a support agreement in place”. Really don’t know how far they will go.

MicroStrategy Mobile is launched in India

I reached Hotel Lalit, the Intercontinental by 8:45 AM after having started some ETL jobs in office, a stone’s throw away. MicroStrategy Mobile launch was happening in a hall which was two levels underground. As I reached for registration stall, I was greeted by helpful staff who promptly handover me an ID batch (pre-printed). Pre-registration was not really required as my colleague told me that there were some people who registered on spot. Think so, as there were lots of extra chair arranged in the back of hall.

The Introduction was done by Mr. Shantanu Shrivastav. He was very short and finished in just 2 minutes even though he had 15 minutes slot. BTW, schedule was changed at 11th hour. More on that on later. After this there wsas an recorded demo of MicroStrategy on Apple iPad and iPhone, which would not appeal to Indians at all. I don’t know why they included it. The star presenter (or at least the presenter which had 80% of time), Mr. Pradyut Bafna has terrible voice as a speaker and his voice needed coarsening and habit of saying “aaa….” after every 5 seconds, but worst was he seemed to be totally unconnected with presentation. It cleared looked that he was not aware about the presentation. Also, turning back to presentation was making him goa bit away from mic, which was making is fumble voice even worse. The demo had some scope of Indianized, specially in Google Maps and usage. There are very few Retail customers, but financial reporting examples are that Indian customer would be able to connect. Please don’t give highly radical example like inventory shortage or mystery shopper. I have never ever found any speaker who was lost about what was on the screen. Sadly they had just one screen on Analytical functionality, one of most killing feature of MicroStrategy. Only positive, App integration and sensor integration (in MicroStrategy prompt, obviously) were very exciting. He lacked the enthusiasm of a good and commendable speaker.  One of the screen, Info window surprised him. May be he was not ready. Regarding demo on Blackberry integration, which was pre recorded but w/o sound track, Pradyut must have had mastered it. Most of action came like Easter egg to him. He used words attribute, attribute element which very few business people could have had understand. Hearing nested prompt made me to kill myself.

Projector used was also bad too and fonts looked jarred with small font.

Him saying “No programming needed.” was misleading as I’ve rarely write any code in last 8 years. In fact that’s one of the reason I opted for (MicroStrategy) QA. A Writeback feature is new. What a joke. It was available since v7 days. One could buy it from MicroStrategy by paying a bit extra, or there are third party vendors. If you had time on your side, one could get it developed it in-house. In fact MicroStrategy willfully killed Writeback feature market. (MicroStrategy is actively involved in killing 3rd party market instead of letting in expand.. but don’t want to write about it..)

Sadly there was not a single live demo. No one had an iPad infact in the whole room. They had an MicroStrategy Event app listing various events organized by MicroStrategy across the glove but  failed to show the current event. Should hve had some impact for bosses or high flayers decision makers.

Another claim was about i18 support. Multi lingual support is not really built in. There are changes to be made by client side.

Speaking about Command Manager, Integrity Manager and Cubes was totally unwarranted. First, it was made to be like be default in the license, which is not true and secondly companies can survive and have world-class implementation not having them. Lastly, who could have had understood about them in two minute half hearted demonstration. You must know that you are marketing to people who had never ever seen MicroStrategy (even the gentleman from L&T Infotech, who was last minute replacement for Future Group delegation)

Even though saying that (MicroStrategy has) not having bought any company and strongly believing in organic growth was right, it was wrong to say that MicroStrategy never ever had or not having collaboration with any Data-warehouse. Special collaboration with Teradta and Sybase is world known, not to forget the virtually every Data Warehouse maker is partner of MicroStrategy.

Luckily his finally his boring speech was over and entire room felt revealed.

Something first that support for another Mobile platform is going to be launched soon. Example of high performance and scalability with Ferrari and bus was right on spot for business users.
Calling MicroStrategy a ROLAP was incorrect too, it is HOPAL (please don’t ask me what it is.) Performance slides were truly awesome and must have had denting impact on decision makers. Emphasis on Cube, 64 bit implementation and numerous self certification which their competitor would no dated to, were good. Don’t know why they didn’t quote biggest back-end implementation w/o speaking the name of client.

From presentation I came to know that LinkedIn uses Asterdata. ;). They should have had given free installation DVD/ VMWare image to business user, which installation guide. Came to know about one more new engine to be released soon. (Probably it would be open secret, but don’t wanna name it)

In the schedule sent in email, Future Group was listed as original presenter but backed out at last moment and were replaced by L&T. L&T representative started off with an excellent note but on BI but came down to Marketing of L&T Infoech soon. 95% of slides didn’t connect with MicroStrategy and none had any mention of MicroStrategy mobile. In fact he was not prepared for MicroStrategy portion of slides and didn’t come out to be a good speaker (at least for MicroStrategy feature). He gave info about some two reporting solution created for other L&T companies, like Trax TA and Toll analytic, which were plain reporting and NOT analytics.

I don’t know whay sponsors of event, iCreate and BI retail were not allowed to give a demo. I had attended MicroStrategy 9 launch presentation in the Grand Hyatt two years back and all  three sponsors were given 5 minutes each. iCreate and BI Retail have very zazy, intuitive, simple solution based on MicroStrategy Mobile. At least people could had had soon something in action. I have sympathy with sponsors. Probably they wanted demo (as authorization) a big name client then application maker. :((

It was a good time to catch up with Brajesh, who was my lead during my Cybage days and Jayesh, whome I met for first time (face to face). Lastly met Gautam, who had come to even for official reason. It was immensely satisfying to catch up with all. I fact, I missed opportunity to meet an ex-colleague just because we had never met face to face before.

In nutshell, visitors would remember this event as “at least food as good”. Many people said that with smile. Menu was same what was served in MicroStrategy 9 launch.

In end, I spoke with someone from MicroStrategy for around 20 minutes and shared my opinion (!@#$%^&) about the event. also, I came to know about marketing strategies of MicroStrategy in India and few daring confirmation of mistakes. I have given lots of suggestion to him, hope that they change accordingly.

Last but not least, As MicroStratey called himself in demonstration that it is a Ferrari that can run with a truck load of passenger or a bus that can run like Ferrari speed, like the way you like it. Remember, you need to have provide ample number of good drivers too. Only good number of MicroStrategy professionals would make a game chnager for MicroStrategy in India.


(Regarding bad speech by Pradyut, if you can get hands on the recording of the event, which was done, you would find this blog is highly toned down)

MicroStrategy is in India (finally)

I had mentioned very soon after MicroStrategy, Inc having setup their office in India. Now I’ve got a confirmation about the traction on this too. MicroStrategy, Inc is working of their own on sales in India. Their strategy is to send the people who want a home coming and there are plenty of guys who wanna come back to motherland. It is going to be very interesting how resellers are going to act on this, as they have regions separated and now they will be competing directly with MicroStrategy India.

Hacking MicroStrategy freeware license

When MicroStrategy, Inc released free version (though limited number of users), I jumped out of my seat. I thought finally I can start learning Server SDK with free mind. The the joy was only short lived, when I installed MicroStrategy Free Reporting suite, as that MicroStrategy calls, and came to know that lots of addon tools like Command Manager, Enterprise Manager, etc are not included and SDK is not free. But the worst or plain stupid of MicroStrategy Inc was not including Object Manager in the free version. It is kind of cruel, as Organization using MicroStrategy would not be able to maintain different environment like Development, Test and Production, as Object Manager used for migrating objects between environment is not included. But it is kinda stupid of MicroStrategy too, as you need to sell a bare minimum set of component to make that work and ability to move object freely between environments is kinda cruel to client. You should think of letting freeware user to get a neck of it and they should pay (or buy) when they think that it make sense to go beyond named users/features.

Anyways, the following hack is not for getting you the features like SDK. :(, but to how use MicroStrategy Object Manager even with a freeware.

Get a copy of MicroStrategy and two serials keys, one for 30 days trial and one for 25 named user. You can use same downloaded copy to install, the serial key controls which tools would be available during installation. 30 days trial version would stop working, but this so called 30 days is for MicroStrategy Intelligence Server (heart of MicroStrategy product) and 25 named user license would never expire, but is feature limited. Now what you can do it make multiple installation of freeware MicroStrategy as DEV, TEST and PROD environment and the Object Manager installed using 30 days trial can be used for migration of objects among various environments. Kewl ins’t it. Enjoy!!!!

Cracking MicroStrategy Product Activation

I’ve been able to find flow of data exchange in License Manager and looking for someone very good in Assembler to help me finish it. I’m extremely occupied and can’t give anytime, also used Assembler more than 8 years back. I hate coding. So, if you are in Mumbai, India, just run a whois and you would know what email address you need to contact. I just want to help the companies who have MicroStrategy installed on non-windows OS and I-Server machines not exposed to internet. You know it can take half day for novice to just to activate MicroStrategy.