Search by ID v2

So, what’s new?
You can now export direct and recurring dependents of an object. That’s all.

Now for some background…

Direct dependents are the dependents found in MicroStrategy by right clicking on an object and selecting “Search for Dependents…”. The main difference is that Search By ID v2 exports them to an Excel file, whereas Desktop only allows the export to a non user friendly txt file.

Recurring dependents are the objects that use the source object directly or indirectly. If a metric is being used by a prompt and that prompt is being used by a report, then the prompt is a direct dependent and the report is an indirect dependent of the metric. A similar kind of search is offered by the Object Manager, if only as an indirect consequence of its use. Search by ID v2 should be easier to use for this particular feature.

Please be aware that finding and exporting recurring dependents can be a lengthy process.

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3 thoughts on “Search by ID v2

  1. Hey Sorin, This tool was used by a colleague and it didn’t work. I’ve not tried this personally as I do not have MSTR installed @ home machine and can’t run EXE files @ office PC.

  2. Hi Ashish, could you ask your colleague to send me a screen shot or some details regarding how exactly it didn’t work?

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