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MicroStrategy Basic for Dummies!

5 very informative online videos to learn basics of MicroStrategy. Deserve a dekho.

  1. Set Up and Configure the Server
  2. Design Attributes and Hierarchies
  3. Design Metrics, Filters, and Prompts
  4. Add Users
  5. Go Live on the Web

Check out all videos here.

There is a Chines proverb – A Picture can say 1000 words
and Indian upgrade – video can say 1000000 words 😉

Last but not least, you can learn MicroStrategy of you own provided you have it installed and go though the online tutorials religiously. They rock! Real MicroStrategy Education USD 650 a day tutorials for free reading. If anyone know any method to store them offline, please share. Finally MicroStrategy is serious about having more number of MicroStrategy professionals in world. Hope to see the MicroStrategy books on Amazon too, not with USD 650 tag as charged currently by MicroStrategy Education.