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Object Prompt in Cube and RS Document (RS already discussed earlier)

Earlier (actually long back), posted a topic about placing Object prompt in the RS document/ RS Grouping;


Here is the similar trick to use object prompt in the dataset created from Cube;

  1. Create an object prompt with metrics (A, B, C, D)
  2. Create a cube with attributes and with above A, B, C, D metrics and create a data set using this cube
  3. Drag and drop object prompt from MicroStrategy Desktop window to the cube
  4. And it works…..I tested this in 9.3 and 9.2.1 version.

Starting from 9.3.0 String Function can be used in Derived Metrics

Starting from 9.3.0 String Function can be used in Metrics;

1. Create a Max (Attribute-1) as ‘Derived_metric-1’

2. Create a Max (Attribute-2) as ‘Derived_metric-2’

3. Create a third metric as ‘Concat(Derived_metric-1, Derived_metric-2)

4. Place it in the report……it works (verified in desktop)


Additional Tip: similarly, you can create count (attribute) on the fly (as derived metric) – Cool…..

MicroStrategy 101 on Facebook

MicroStrategy 101 has been a started by me for broadcasting the posts on the blog and actively providing small help on facebook itself. All the blogpost links are posted on facebook page too. Post freely. You don’t require a facebook account for this. Senthil is actively managing this facebook page.


Please share you wacky MicroStrategy idea here of on facebook. Keep coming for great MicroStrategy stuff.

MicroStrategy Report is taking too much time to execute

Troubleshooting steps
1. Check the report SQL generated in different environments (PROD, UAT and DEV). Match the SQL generated. Technically they *must* match. If they are NOT matching, you need to correct your attribute definition and/or parent-child relationship. FYI, Tedatada is not so forgiving for mismatched column types in database and as declared in attribute form definition.
2. Check the Load on database server. It may be offline, too much loaded with requests.
3. Job priority in the Server can 32432432a report in queue for long/infinite. Check MicroStrategy System Monitor under Project Source Administration.
4. Verify that you SQL is being run against the correct database. Check the Project DB Instance.
5. Your schema object definition is up to date. Try updating Schema.
6. Non MicroStrategy cause: Some Web Server load balancer can made to time out a query/request if not resolved under a stupulated time. Check Load Balance team.